Remote Control Rattlesnake Toy

$29.99 $36.99

Get ready to be amazed by the realistic motion of the Remote Control Rattlesnake Toy. Prank your friends, family, colleagues and even your dogs and cats by moving this scary snake across the floor. Watch it swiftly slither with its retractable tongue and swinging tail. This is the favorite toy of kids, pets and people who love to make jokes. This insanely realistic snake will give you hilarious reactions from people everytime!


  • Super realistic and naturally moving snake retractable tongue.
  • Swinging tail with 3 different frequencies and speeds available.
  • Segmented body for realistic slithering action. Use the remote control egg to turn it left or right.
  • The Remote Control Rattlesnake Toy is about 16" long with 22 segments for excellent slithering action.
  • Infrared Remote Controller controls 3 channels: forward, left and right. And there are 3 different frequencies (A, B, C) available for play.
  • Includes a battery powered snake-egg controller with 3 button-cell batteries included. The remote control range is about 10 metres. The USB rechargeable Rattlesnake Toy should be charged within 40 minutes. The USB charge cord is included.