Multi Hair Comb Brush Straightener For Men

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Product Description


Are you tired of getting up in the morning and looking at the messing hair but have to take the time to comb them?

What you really need is an electric hair comb For DIY flexible hair modeling!

Just comb to solve problemsAmazing effect maintained throughout the day.



Volume up: Volumize flat top hair! Maintain full volume all day long.

Side hair down: Easily care side hair which does not get flattened with hair wax or spray.

Curly hair straight: Even curly hair can be styled as naturally straight hair.

No hair damage: Special ceramic coating heat plate protects hair texture.No worries for a burn: Heat plate covers the comb which prevents touching the skin for safety!

Quick heating: Preheat within 15 seconds

Long-lasting: Amazing effect maintained throughout the day



Material: ABS + Metal
Rated voltage: 110~220V 
Rated frequency: 60Hz
Rated power: 10W
Size: 23*3cm/ 9.06*1.18inch(L*W)
Weight: 135g


The item can work well if it's being used correctly:

If you have a long and thick beard, you can smooth it out with a regular comb. Then you can straight your beard with this beard straightening comb.

Or you have a short beard, you can use this beard straightening comb smoothly.

  • 2019 NEW DESIGNED: Multifunctional Electric Hair Comb, combines heating barrels and comb teeth for hair smoothing, straightening, curling and creating beautiful volumes, meets your needs for different hairstyles.
  • PROFESSIONAL: Volumize beard & hair, flatten side hair & straighten curly hair. This electric hair comb can promote blood circulation when used.The blood cells to rejuvenate skin and hair cells which reduces dandruff and makes hair healthier and stronger.
  • NO DANGER: The shape Electric Hair Comb acts as a protective cover for the heating plate. Even heat avoids any "hot spot" to overburn your hair.
  • EASY TO USE: Just comb to fix your messy hair or beard, the Electric Hair Comb restores your hair or beard to the masculine, groomed perfection in just 30 seconds.Quick heating: Preheat within 15 seconds.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Comfortable to grip without feeling tired easily. This electric hair comb can also be packed in small bags which can be brought when traveling.