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Jump Rope Digital Counter for Indoor/Outdoor Fitness

1. Multifunction – Designed with a Timer, Calorie Counter, and Jumping Counter. It is very accurate and easy to reset. Helps to burn fat, lose weigh and keep healthy.


2. Dual Rope Skipping Modes – You can adjust the rope to the most comfortable length, or you can use the cordless skipping mode when you do not have enough space.


3. Sweat-Proof Handle – SEBS Molding handle always keeps the rope on your hand even if you are sweating. This improves the safety of your exercise.


4. Ultra Accurate Counter – Employing magnetron sensing technology instead of physical counting, which is processed and calculated by powerful micro chips. Makes actual jumping count more accurate. 


An Alarm for reaching daily exercise targets—You can set alerts for jump counter, timer, and calories, which helps you to train toward specific goals.

Your Private Coach—Keeps track of how many times you jumped, how many calories and fat you have burnt in a particular exercise.

Fully Adjustable—10 ft rope that can be quickly and easily adjusted to your desired length.

Anti-Slip—Anti-slip handles allow for an easy, comfortable grip of the jump rope.

Smooth & Fast—The ball bearing system in the handles, ensures you get the smoothest and fastest rotations.

Durable & Tangle Free—The steel jump rope cable is coated with a PVC sleeve for protection and better durability also 100% tangle-free